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Lindsey Monge

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Intermittent Information

Apparently neither E-man nor I am very good at keeping up this site. Thank goodness we aren’t in India right now, or …


July 3rd

It’s been quite a while since my last post. However, usually I write even less frequently in diaries and previous blogs, so …


Duets: TV show

  Now, I know Duets is a tv show, not a movie, but it’s really good. And besides, I don’t have the …

What’s Your Raashee Review

While browsing Netflix for a movie to see during some free time, I ran across a movie I saw quite a while …

May 23rd

I’m sitting in our lovely hammock wondering what to do with the previous few hours I have until my job at Starbucks. …


School’s OUT!

Oh my goodness! Boy am I ever glad for school to be over. I just got finished with my last final exam …