May 23rd


I’m sitting in our lovely hammock wondering what to do with the previous few hours I have until my job at Starbucks. I’ve spent the morning organizing our bedroom downstairs to accommodate our expansive library of books, and so a refreshing break outside is a sort of vacation from chores I have left to do still. Despite the calming atmosphere of birds chirping and breezy summer weather, I still find myself planning and worrying about things like our financial situation and ny summer class.

It seems the technology department won’t let us see our assignments early, so my plan of trying to work ahead is eliminated. I’m afraid if I don’t try to work ahead, I’ll end up falling behind like I normally do. This time, I’m enrolled in two summer history courses, and I’m sure they’ll require more research than I’m used to. I have to work hard at them though, since my minor depends on it.

As I contemplate my scholarly duties, I’m also fretting the several hours of work ahead of me. It’s not that I don’t like working as a barista, but I just don’t feel appreciated at Martin’s. Also, it’s one thing to work because you want to; it’s entirely different to work because you have to. Because our internship in the fall will be so expensive, I’m looking at getting a second job on top of school and Starbucks. My manager can’t give me more hours at work and I’m only making a little above minimum wage. E-man and I are holding on to how that our church will be able to help support us so we don’t have to take on even further debt.

The hardest part of my journey so far has been trusting God for His provision financially. Even in college when I list mt job last year I had this same issue. However, no matter how much I worry it does me no good; God is always there to provide for me, and He has always been faithful. If He could provide a scholarship for me last year in my time of need, He can also provide a way for us to finish my internship, even if that includes postponing my graduation date.
Whatever comes to pass, I’m so grateful I have my husband here to remind me of God’s faithfulness and to help me live a life that honors Him.