July 3rd

It’s been quite a while since my last post. However, usually I write even less frequently in diaries and previous blogs, so consider yourself lucky!

My reasons for lack of posting is the relative business I find myself in, compared to my last post. Because I have two classes for summer school (to get ahead, not catch up) and I also have my very part-time job, things have been hectic. Although, due to our poor financial situation, I’m looking for a second part-time position on top of all this. Honestly, it would be easier for me to work a second job than for E-man, but I just hope my studies keep up.

Which leads me to my job search; it has NOT been as easy as I thought. You would think if someone is hiring that they would have positions, but in the case of one interview, the manager only went through with it because she was told to. In reality she was struggling to give her current workers enough hours. Some people there only worked one day a week! Other places have either ignored me or put me on hold until better circumstances. I thought Radioshack was a job in the bag, but it’s been more than a month with no response. Their manager is waiting for permission from the district manager. Even though the Goshen store desperately needs workers, he won’t let the manager hire me. My only hopeful case is Game Stop. While I did impress the manager, I still have yet to hear from him. I told him about the India trip and I think that’s the part hurting my chances in all of the jobs. Unfortunately it seems we won’t be able to get another job, but instead we’re waiting on word from the church about financial support.

All I know about the church’s decision is that the Missions board is supposed to meet and discuss it early this month. We have one friend on the board and vaguely know some others, but we still don’t even know what day! I’d just like to know so I can specifically pray for it, but I’ll have to make due with what I have. We sent them our proposal with detail about the expenses and context of the rest of our finances (namely the unavoidable cost of E-man’s loans) so hopefully they can approve at least some of it. We’re waiting to hear back until we decide which visa to apply for; if we get approved for enough money, we would like to get the 5 year visa instead of the  6 month.

So now it’s a game of waiting while making ourselves keep busy; we can’t let our guard down with finances and our jobs, but we can’t make any trip decisions until we hear the results. I can only hope that we don’t need to take out further loans for the India trip. My father really was right in saying that debt is a form of slavery.