What’s Your Raashee Review


While browsing Netflix for a movie to see during some free time, I ran across a movie I saw quite a while ago. What’s Your Raashee is a cute Bollywood movie about an NRI (non resident Indian) from Mumbai named Yogesh who decides to get an arranged marriage so that his grandfather will give him his entire inheritance. However, he isn’t selfish, as one might expect in this situation, and would not have cared for the money if his brother weren’t in deep debt to creditors and mobsters. In order to keep Yogesh’s family afloat and preserve their honor, he puts aside his dream of a love marriage after an established career with one condition: he should meet one girl according to each zodiac sign (aka “raashee”).

Reviews online about this movie are either mixed or on the negative side, so maybe I’m alone in saying this, but I genuinely liked this movie. The best part of the movie is seeing Priyanka Chopra in 12 different roles. You would think she wouldn’t be able to pull off so many and still make them unique, full characters but somehow she does it!

My favorite characters which I wish we could have seen more of are: firstly, Hansa, the betrayed bride of a man who stole her virginity then married someone else; Kajal, the carefree college girl who simply wanted more time to fall in love; and Mallika, the fiercely independent dancer. All these girls showed promise as future wives, but none more than Hansa, who bravely faced risk of rejection in order to honestly convey her situation to Yogesh. I was really proud of her and it made me wish she ended up with him. Obviously she is my favorite character.

What disappointed me about this movie is, contrary to most reviews,.I thought it should be longer. I’m not thinking movie really, but more like short television series. I’ve already mentioned how certain characters needed more time, but also the sub-plots seemed underdeveloped. The other key male figure, Devu, was not as highlighted as the plot really needed him to be. In addition, as an Aries myself, I feel like the writers just dismissed us Aries by making a character so laughably undesirable. However, Yogesh’s more than polite treatment of her immature attempt to impress him made his character all that more admirable.

Another stunning part of this movie is the wardrobe selection. The clothes chosen for each character noticeably help distinguish between the female parts as well as help define the other characters. I found myself looking to the various character outfits for inspiration for my own wardrobe.

I’m no expert on technical details like cinematography and direction, but as far as an entertaining film goes, I know my stuff. I’m willing to sit for hours watching a movie that is as dynamic as this one and I’m glad someone chose to put this film on Netflix.