Fall Semester

Apparently I make a habit of not posting frequently. Oh well, this is better than my diary 🙂

Summer classes are over, and I thinking did pretty well. I never fret too much over specific percentages, but I always make sure I learn from the classes I take. I was able to apply some of the lessons to today even though they were both history classes. Although, I will say I’m  glad these are my only online classes because I don’t do well without typical interaction with a teacher or classmates.

The upcoming internship has been on my and my husband’s mind. With our financial situation, we were relying on at least some sort of assistance from our church, but they deemed it an educational trip so we could not go. This fall semester has really been me trying to hastily figure out what classes I can substitute right now just to stay full-time for my scholarships. Although it has been going alright, it hasn’t been easy.

Work has changed drastically. I went from being almost not employed, working 4-8 hours at Starbucks down the street to working close to 25 hours a week at a small cafe called the Studio. It’s all the way in Warsaw, but since I go to school there, it’s not too bad of a drive. I love the customers and the concept. Steph, my manager, created this craft-store with a cafe in it so she could cater to the art and craft needs of this community while still having a cafe with good coffee. We get our beans from the Refinery in Goshen 🙂

E-man and I have started to look at houses to see what the market is like. After we found one we really liked, it got bought out from under us 🙁 but we’re keeping our eyes peeled since buying is cheaper than renting anyway. We have an idea to maybe have a house-sitter or one of the family/friends stay in it during our internship.

Well, hopefully we can keep up with this website! E-man and I need to get in the habit for when we actually do go overseas. Hopefully it’s still to India 🙁 I don’t want any other curveballs thrown at me.


<3 Lindsey