Why is a man of Goshen going to India?

Hello folks,

The Mrs. Monge and I are gearing up for our 2 week trip to India! But…why is Mr. Monge going to India?

A friend and I get coffee frequently and he asked me, “Why are you going to India?” Well, let me tell you!

The wife and I have gone on our fair share of adventures, and something we love doing is checking out several coffee shops. It’s amazing seeing Lindsey critique various establishments and really see her in her element. So,  we’re going to India to grab some coffee with some of the … locals: (These are very famous, super famous Bollywood stars – Priyanka Chopra and Sharukh Khan)

“Why are you going to India?”

I would like to visit the Anytime Fitness gyms in India!

“Why are you going to India?”

Okay, okay…  Lindsey and I actually got a great deal to visit major tourist attractions and we’ll spend a second week visiting friends.

(Taj Mahal) 

“Why are you going to India?”

“Why are you really going to India?”

My friend asked me that question initially in such a way that it needed a much deeper answer than just the mere, “it’s for vacation.” It’s a fact that Lindsey loves India. But for me – I want to rewind a little bit before that answer.

Throughout my high school career I have always felt this inner call to be open to going anywhere in the states for work. This seed kept growing throughout my college career, and after graduating I met Lindsey. She had aspirations to go global! So, if I could go anywhere in the states, why not go anywhere in the world?

I had a story, and I told my friend. My friend listened to my story about why it is so important for me to support my wife’s goals. He was happy to hear my story and that I was going for more than just to go.

The story? Well, in a nutshell…

…because I love my wife.