Origin of Inspiration

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Hola, Namaste, Hello!

My first introductory post is a bit of an explanation for my own personal fascination with the culture of India:

I started out in high school; I was researching some ministries that I found interesting. When I came upon one’s video of their relief work in the red-light district of Kolkata, I was stuck deep with empathy and moved to the point of tears. This video portrayed an elderly woman who spoke about the endless cycle of growing up in the area into the profession of prostitution and sex slavery. It was her testimony which revealed to me the existence and pervasiveness of the issues surrounding human trafficking.

At the same time, around age 15, I heard from a friend about the art of henna, when she noticed the artistic doodles on my hand. I had been very interested in art from a small age, and henna seemed like a great way to express my creative side as well. While doing research on henna and how to obtain it, I discovered even more about the Indian/Middle Eastern cultures who all use henna in some cultural activities.

The combined knowledge of the art of mendhi (henna) and of social injustices in India made me all the more curious about Indian culture and why the people act so different from us in the States. When I learned of Bollywood movies, I eagerly looked toward watching them as cultural inspiration and education. They say that art mimics life and I can say a lot of what I had found through research is fleshed out in the Bollywood and TV dramas I have seen.

For years now, it has been a dream of mine to travel and possibly live in India, not only to continue to study and celebrate the differences God has made in the people, but also to be of as much assistance as I can be to God’s purposes. Whether my task is to just be a personal influence for the good of the people surrounding me, or to make a much bigger impact on the societal level, I will be sure to allow God to work in my life however He pleases and to whatever end.

In the years since that first contact with India, I have acquired so many skills and assets to help guide me on my journey. Not only am I getting a great education in college, but I also have my wonderful husband Emmanuel (whom we call E-man). He helps balance out my finer imperfections and is my strength (aside from God.) I know that he is a faithful representation of Christ to the Church and I hope that our marriage will be as much of an inspiration to others as it is for my own faith (both here and in India.)

For any additional information, feel free to look at other posts or email me.

With Love,