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Throwback Thursday

If you have been looking at our website, you are probably wondering...

13th May
Us At the Taj

Why is a man of Goshen going to India?

Hello folks, The Mrs. Monge and I are gearing up for our...

21st Sep

Once Upon a Beard

THE AGE OLD QUESTION OF THE BEARD A haiku original by Emmanuel...

18th Aug

Intermittent Information

Apparently neither E-man nor I am very good at keeping up this...

30th Jul

Fall Semester

Apparently I make a habit of not posting frequently. Oh well, this...

09th Aug

July 3rd

It’s been quite a while since my last post. However, usually I...

03rd Jul

Duets: TV show

  Now, I know Duets is a tv show, not a movie,...

21st Jun

What’s Your Raashee Review

While browsing Netflix for a movie to see during some free time,...

30th May

May 23rd

I’m sitting in our lovely hammock wondering what to do with the...

23rd May

One Word: Determination

I finished running 8 miles and ended it visiting Lindsey at work...

20th May